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For how long can I have a care worker ?

Simple answer is, you can have a care worker for as long as you need one. Our calls are from as little as 30 minutes to 24/7; we work 365 days of the year. Whether it is an occasional event or daily & ongoing assistance, we always try to be flexible and accommodating.


What can I ask the Care worker to do for me ?

Basically, whatever we do ourselves, in our own lives and homes, our care workers can do.

Your care worker can do the usual household tasks including cooking and shopping. We can help with all your personal care, including bathing and showering, dressing and prompting & also checking your medication is being taken correctly, we offer stoma and catheter care as well as pad changes.

We can take you out and about to town or garden centre, coffee shop or even the pub for lunch. We can assist in looking after pets and we can do a little light gardening such as watering plants. We offer you companionship and conversation and keep you company. We can accompany you on outings or holidays.

If your needs are more complex, we work with your doctor or district nurse and all other health care professionals to help with your treatment and potential rehabilitation. We are experienced in palliative care and can assist with all end of life care packages.


What may I not ask the care worker to do for me ?

Care workers may not do any heavy cleaning nor anything which involves climbing ladders or furniture. They may not be asked to undertake heavy tasks in the garden or elsewhere. Care workers may not be asked to do anything which could endanger their health or safety or is considered immoral.


What training do your care workers have ?

Our care workers come from all types of back grounds. Some have worked in the care service industry either as a care worker or nurse, and some have cared for a loved one themselves.

All our care workers complete their mandatory training. Training includes Moving and Handling theory and practical, infection control, medication awareness, food hygiene, safeguarding, fire safety.

Should a care worker have no formal qualification in Health and Social Care, and/or if they have not been working in a care setting they must then complete a care certificate training programme. This course is both practical work and theory based.

We regularly carry out other non-mandatory training such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s awareness, Epilepsy and peg feed training and more specialist training.

Development and personal growth is actively encouraged by In Home Care with Diplomas in Health and Social Care offered to all our care workers.


What must I provide for the Care Worker?

Hourly care workers do not require anything in particular, they will bring along their own aprons and gloves for your safety and convenience.

Live-in Care workers require their own bedroom with clean bed-linen and a television. They must be given meals or an allowance of £30-40 per week toward the cost of meals. All aprons and gloves will be supplied by IHC to carry out care duties.


What time-off must the your live in care worker be allowed ?

Live in Care workers only – The care worker should be allowed to take as a minimum two to three hours break per day and allowed to sleep/rest for 8 hours per night (some disturbances are allowed i.e. toilet breaks). If circumstances prevent your care worker from taking this time off, a fee will be charged in lieu.


Who should I approach to discuss my Care ?

In the first instance, please call the office and request to speak to Michelle Young or Zoe Allen. If preferable, please email with an outline of your requirements, we can then offer a ‘ball park figure’ of associated costs and timeframe.


What happens next ?

After the initial contact we usually suggest a meeting is arranged. This allows you and your loved one to meet with us and allows us to build a better understanding of the support required.

If you would like to proceed at this point we then need to undertake a risk assessment of the environment, and of the person we are caring for. This will involve a look around the rooms and equipment being used, and a questionnaire being answered, including basic details and any medical history that is relevant.

This information will form the basis of your individual care plan. Once the care plan is approved, a folder containing all this information will be placed in your home (with your consent). The care workers will work to this care plan and they will sign this whenever they visit.

Care packages are usually set up within 2 – 3 weeks, although emergency cover may be available.

Once a care plan has been agreed and a date set, you should expect an invoice every two weeks; many of our clients prefer to pay monthly by standing order. A two week deposit will be required on booking and payments are requested in advance.


What happens when my care package is agreed ?

A date and time will be set for your care to start. A senior care worker will be assigned to you and they will oversee your package and will be on hand to answer any queries.


How do I pay for care ?

We take credit & debit cards, cheque, BACS payment, Standing Order and Cash, please ask us for details. Invoices are sent two weekly (or monthly) in advance.

Funding may be available, your local authority will be able to advise you regards this or follow this link on the differing types of funding available

We are often requested to work for our clients who have requested ‘Direct Payments,’ from social services, rather than receive care by a care company that they have no control over. Direct payments are social care payments which are given ‘direct’ to the client, who then chooses their own care agency or Care Company to care for them. We can advise regards applying for direct payments.


Where do your care workers come from ?

Hourly Care: All our care workers work and live locally, they are all English speaking.

Live In care: Our care workers are from the UK or from the southern hemisphere English-speaking countries. As they tend to be recommended to us by word-of-mouth, most of our present care workers are of British ancestry and speak good English.


How many carers will I have ?

Hourly Care: Dependent on hours you require will depend on the amount of carers you may have. Usually at 1 hr a day care, 5 days per week, you may expect three carers on a rotational basis.

Live In care: This will depend on individual requirements and your particular circumstances. Some clients prefer variety and like a regular rotation of care workers. Others may prefer to have one care worker for a longer period. We also have to take into account the care workers preference and the nature of the work she will be required to do. In some instances we will insist on a frequent rotation in order to prevent the care worker from becoming exhausted.


Will I be able to meet the care worker allocated to me before she starts to care for me ?

Hourly Care: This is not normal practice, only in exceptional circumstances can this be arranged. We always consider personalities and will take into account anything that is disclosed at the assessment.

Live In Care: This is not usually possible as the care worker may be on continuous assignments or because the distance for her to travel is too far. However, if the care worker is nearby we may be able to arrange for her to visit you in advance.


What happens if I need help in the night ?

Hourly care: For our clients we operate an out of hours ‘on call’ service. We also operate an emergency service, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Live In care: Your care worker will always get up and help you. However, she is entitled to eight hours sleep per night. If she is called out more than 2-3 times per night between 11 pm and 6.30 in the morning, we will charge a fee. If night calls become frequent, prolonged and take place on many nights of the week we may have to insist on extra help for the care worker.


Who is responsible for your care service ?

Michelle Young is our Registered Manager and she has overall responsibility of the service In Home Care Provide.


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